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Purling Hiss- "The Hoodoo"

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It's some fuzzy rock 'n' roll from the forthcoming Purling Hiss 12'', Lounge Lizards. Look for it in June via Mexican Summer.

This'll be the project's fourth LP, and it's packed with six songs that are sure to be as fuzzy as this one.

"The Hoodoo" sounds like a lost rock radio gem that was recorded to a filthy cassette in 1975, and forgotten about at the bottom of a box filled with Judas Priest and Kiss tapes. Now it's risen from the dead, and it's looking for brains to eat.

The vocals are really obscured, but it adds to the nostalgic sound. I'm really digging the guitars, though. They've got a rock 'n' roll sway to them I can't deny. It's a nice piece of power pop, for sure.