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Rumpistol- "Talk To You"

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Rumpistol is Danish electronic music producer Jens B. Christiansen, and after releasing three albums since '02, we've got a new EP from this guy: Talk To You.

I don't feel afraid in saying we're dealing with some minimal electronics of a high caliber here. The music on this EP's title track is filled with more subtle snaps and crackles like a bowl of Rice Krispies.

The haunting, pitch-shifted vocal cut--which was sung by Rumpistol himself--flowing throughout this track is a fantastic touch, and it only feels eerier as the synths swell underneath the bleak beat.

This EP's press release basically brings up every influence and comparison imaginable. And there's no reason a listener shouldn't think of artist like James Blake or Burial while the beats on this EP pump away. What makes Rumpistol different from me is how immediate the music it. There was no point where I was wondering when the song would start, when it would get interesting, or when it would hit me.

Love at first listen, I suppose.

Sample more from the EP below, and buy it on Rump Recordings. It's also available digitally on iTunes, Boomkat, and Klicktrack.