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Some 1-Minute Miracles

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1-Minute Miracles is the solo project of Canadian beat sculptor David Stephan. From what he tells me, his website is kind of like his sonic journal, jotting down short beat concepts in the six or eight hours he has before he has to go to work. I'd say his output this far is "sketched" or "in the works," but it's far from it. The six short tracks he's released thus far are of a very high quality. The rhythms hit heavy, the vocal samples are choppy, the synths are fun, and there are various noises and effects buzzing around to take note of. This is fun as hell to listen to. Enjoy four of 1-Minute's beats below, and follow his Tumblr to stay posted on his latest stuff.

MOTOWN KICKS by 1 Minute Miracles

You Sunk My Batteship by 1 Minute Miracles

Rattlesnakes and Ladders by 1 Minute Miracles