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The Horrors- "Still Life"

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I remember when I first started my YouTube channel, it had no subscribers. Yeah, they all come that way, sadly. But when things started moving in 2010, I was getting a lot of disappointed comments asking me why I never reviewed the Horrors' previous album in '09. Well, my answer is that I was just starting to do this. I was young, brash, clueless, and didn't know how the sausage was made. Sue me.

Anyway, the Horrors, which is a rock outfit from the UK, has a new album dropping via XL on July 11th. The title is Skying.

I don't know how the band turned the word "sky" in to a verb, but I won't care as long as every song on this LP is as good as "Still Life." I definitely see what all the fuss is about. The Horrors may not exactly put a brand new spin on what influences them, but they certainly do these sounds justice. I'm positive these guys own some Bauhaus, Joy Division, and Echo & the Bunnymen records.

But also, there's something very rich and well-produced about this music, too. It's very concisely placed into a pop structure. In fact, the production is so good, I'd almost liken it to a U2 record--the vocals in the verses kinda help the comparison along, too. I could seriously see Bono singing over this thing. Crazy, I know.

Still, "Still Life" is a great tune, bursting at the choruses and cooling down everywhere else. I'm not a huge fan of fade-outs, but I'm officially psyched for this record.