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The Lonely Island- Turtleneck and Chain

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Turtleneck and Chain has some pretty memorable tacks on it, to be honest. Some of these might be the best this comedy rap outfit has ever penned. "I Just Had Sex" has already blown most of their other videos away on the view count, and the title track is a hilarious piece of wardrobe humor I've never really heard them dive into before. The features here are pretty nice. I heard everybody from Beck to MIchael Bolton on here. I guess my only problem is some of these tracks aren't that funny to me at all. Some even fail to reach a level of ridiculousness some of the other tracks do. I'd figure with a song like "I Just Had Sex" on there, songs like "The Creep" would have some kind of bar to reach for when it came to jokes and gags.

Plus, it sort of bugs me that this music sounds exactly like the style of pop rap it's trying to create a slight parody of. I guess you should keep your enemies close, but we're so close it's hard to tell what the relationship Lonely Island has with this music really is. Maybe they're "frenemies"?

Either way, tracks like "Jack Sparrow" and "Throw It On the Ground" are refreshingly absurd, letting go of any perceived need to make sense. That, to me, is where I really get something out of this album. The dick jokes are alright, too.