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The Shivers- "Love Is In the Air"

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It's another track from the new Shivers album, More. Frontman Keith Zariello is sounding particularly sexy on this one, seriously. But there are a lot of layers to this track if we scratch below the shoulder-swaying grooves and corny lyrics.

My first reaction to this song was a weird one. I felt seduced, offended, and seduced once again by the end. The track starts off nice enough, but once the mention of prancing around in your underwear comes around--not once but four times--my eyes went wide while I screamed in my head, "Whyyyyyyyyyyyyy!?!!?"

But despite the oddness of that statement, it's true. If someone loves you, this person wouldn't really care if you pranced in your underwear. In fact, this individual might find it cute.

That sentiment only gets carried further as Keith sings about love being in the air, dying, and every other cliche phrase one can imagine. But if you love this song, you love its flaws, too. This song seeks that kind of acceptance, and hopes singing about it will bring it into fruition.

This album is out now via Silence Breaks.