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The Young Crooks- "Wasting Time"

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The Young Crooks are a new trio with a new EP, which is titled Phone. And I'm sure the "young" in their name isn't a lie. These guys sound very young. The group's lyrics about partying and doing drugs are a giveaway, but only someone under the age of 20 could have the guts to combine ironic rap verses with the sounds of pop and reggae--these guys clearly aren't worried about any Sublime comparisons, which could be due to a generational divide.

But despite any premonitions of corniness, Young Crooks have a pretty loveable sound. What makes it so interesting is how they present their their style. The lyrics touch down on things the band was probably doing yesterday, but the stories are looked back upon with an old-world sentimentality. The light, dreamy, lo-fi sound only adds to the effect.

On "Wasting Time," lead vocals sing about "kids these days" as if the narrator were fifty years old, looking back fondly on memories of spliffs, girls, parents, and growing up.

There's something about it that reminds me of the Strokes and Vampire Weekend a little bit, too. Of course, that's a good thing.

Download Phone for free at Young Crooks' Bandcamp page. Here is a somewhat decent-sized picture of the EP's cover: