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8-Bit Thrash Metal Exists!

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Ever since I dropped my Havok review, thrash metal heads have been coming out of the wood work to tell me I should cover more of the stuff. One band in particular contacted me: Lich King. Like Havok, their sound is old school, but with track titles like "Black Metal Sucks" and "ED-209," these guys obviously come on strong with personality and opinions.

The band's 2010 album, World Gone Dead is pretty good. Great riffs, recording, and hooks. But going on the band's Bandcamp led me to stumble upon something that would raise a few more eyebrows.

Super Retro Thrash is a group of Lich King songs, which have been reworked to be entirely 8-bit in sound. That's some dedicated reworking, and hardly any details have been overlooked in this recreation. If only they could have thrown some 8-bit-quality vocals in there, too!

Stream the album and scope the cover art below: