The Needle Drop

Bad Meets Evil- Hell: The Sequel

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On bad meets Evil, Eminem and Royce Da 5'9" bring the best out in one another and start spitting fire like King Koopa on the last stage of Super Mario Brothers. These guys put their drama and hip hop superstar backgrounds behind them to send out verse after rap battle verse that paint them as two of the most uncaring, reckless, and misogynistic men on the planet. Or rather, Evil.

While the lyrics are vivid and the flows are unstoppable--especially on the posse track that ends this EP--there's nothing all that special or unique about these beats or hooks. The fact of the matter is the production isn't living up to how great of a tag team these two Detroit vets are.

Still, despite what issues this album has, this is a must-listen for both Royce and Em fans. Because they really do push one another to write some great verses on this one. Hopefully, we won't need to wait another decade for these guys to release another set of tracks.