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Krallice- "Diotima"

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New York's Krallice, unarguably, are one of the current strain of American bands that are helping to keep black metal relevant in the West. I liked the band's self-titled debut just fine, but I was expecting brighter days ahead for the group. With album after album, despite this band's growing fame, I find myself behind the curve where I'm left struggling with the way this music is mixed. Sometimes I feel silly getting hung up over stuff like this, but the way Diotima sounds really makes me not want to return to it ever again. What drives me even more insane is Colin Marston--one of this band's guitarists, and the producer of this record from what I understand--has done such a stellar job on producing other albums I dig from Zs, Liturgy, Altar of Plagues, and more.

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