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New Thou EPs

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I've been into this Baton Rouge sludge metal band ever since NPR Music turned me on to their Summit LP last year. I even gave it a pretty positive review. Well, since I first heard these guys, I've been convinced that they're one of the grimiest and most apocalyptic bands in the genre. Plus, I love that these guys always making their music available to the fans--you know, as a free download. And this summer has been a busy one in terms for releases from these guys. This month, they've had two EPs drop on Vendetta Records. They're going to have another EP dropping this July on Robotic Empire, too!

The band has made these three EPs downloadable on its website, which has more downloads from the band. Here are the links:

1. The Archer & the Owle (Robotic Empire) 2. Big City (Vendetta) 3. To the Chaos Wizard Youth (Vendetta)

If you dig any of these releases, and find yourself coming back to them for repeat listens, why not support the artist?