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Planningtorock- W

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What can I say about Planningtorock's latest album that's positive? Honestly, not much. Not only that, but I'm awestruck at how positive some of the receptions have been to what she's doing. I don't begrudge her the fanbase she's gathered so far--especially since her first album was pretty good--but hearing the majority opinion differ so much from what I feel personally makes me question my own sanity, honestly. But on her latest album, Planningtorock makes about every move possible to use terrible vocal effects, construct flat and repetitive songs, and flaunt weak melodies like they're something to behold.

The lyrics are pretty lacking as well. I'm still not sure what significance being on fire holds for this album, but it sure seems like a central theme on some of these songs. The problem is most of the time I feel like Planningtorock is just writing lyrics to have them, or to have something to sing in her vocal parts.

Between the effects, songwriting, singing, and lyrics, I couldn't find one moment I loved about this album. There are spots that are relatively better than others, but I was bored or offended on most of these tracks.

What makes it worse is there's a stench that surrounds this album that smells a lot like the Knife for Fever ray. Honestly, I've got not problems with showing off your influences, but at least do them justice.

I've said in prior reviews, you're probably not making interesting art if you're not offending somebody. Maybe this is objectively "good" music, and I just happen to be that one guy it offends.