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Poor Lily- "800 Jerks"

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Hailing from the Bronx, and featuring members of Murphy's Law and Sick of It All, and Lament and Burn, Poor Lily brings punk back to its essential basics. And as old school as it sounds, this music could have only been made with hindsight, because it seems to pull influence from so many places.

Sometimes the thrashy riffs make me think of Suicidal Tendencies, and sometimes they make me think of Hot Snakes. Sometimes the slightly goofy, over-the-top vocals make me think of the Minutemen, and sometimes they remind me of the Dead Kennedys. Of course Sick of It All and Murphy's Law have legacies of their own that this project builds on.

The recording is a little rough, but the band plays it off like it's nothing.

On "800 Jerks," has a guitar lead than can only be described as sinister, and it's hit with blasts of snare drum again and again as the band's frontman screams his brains out. Stick around for the climax at the end, too.

Poor Lily's debut album is self-titled and the band is just giving it away on their website. Download and prosper. Stream the whole thing here, too.