The Needle Drop


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On SBTRKT's self-titled debut, this London-based producer cooks up a solid set of dubstep songs; icing them with some pretty soulful vocals from Sampha. Plus, the clean and lean electronics bubbling under him are the perfect complement to the feelings he's conveying. There are several different vocalists featured, though, and not all of them are as much of a treat to hear--with the exception of Little Dragon, of course. I'd recommend this highly to both Flying Lotus and James Blake fans, because there's so much worth comparing between these three artists. Not only is Sampha's voice pretty close to Blake's, but the lush layers of synthetic tones on a lot of these songs remind me of more recent tracks in Fly Lo's discography.

This is a solid debut for me. Great beats, vocals I get caught up in, and catchy hooks.