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Shabazz Palaces- Black Up

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On Black Up, Shabazz Palaces take hip hop deep into the left field with odd beats and surreal effects. It's definitely an indulgent LP that requires a little bit of effort from the listener, but repeating these songs until they completely unfold is worth the wait. Part of me is sure this album is going to warrant a lot of comments like, " I don't usually listen to hip hop, but this is great!" But that shouldn't discourage people who listen to the genre more regularly to check it out. Though this album sounds like it came outta nowhere, the artists on it haven't. Lazaro's experience goes way back to the 90s hip hop outfit Digable Planets, but exactly which planet he's on with this album is a hard question to answer.

if you're a fan of the mutant expressions from artists such as Gonjasufi, Zeroh, Quasimoto, or Madvillain, check it out. Defintiely something the Stones Throw or Brainfeeder heads will love.