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Squeaky Lobster- Will-O'-The-Wisp EP

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OK, so I found out about this EP on the Wedidit Collective site while I was on there looking up some stuff about Zeroh. Of course, every time I go on there, I find something nice to munch on.

So, for your musical pleasure, I submit Squeaky Lobster. From hip hop to noise--and even dubstep--Squeaky Lobster just doesn't know where his musical allegiance lies. I like the envision him as a lone, beat-producing wolf that hunts for samples like they're his prey. The only thing I can stylistically compare him to is the rising strain of producers coming of Flying Lotus' Brainfeeder label right now.

This thing is loaded with samples that come from backgrounds both rock and orchestral. The label site even mentions "Bollywood-esque string samples," which I'm hearing right now on the EP's final track.

It's short, solid listen. It even stays crunchy in milk, too!