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Stream Diarrhea Planet's ALOHA!

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Diarrhea Planet don't suck nearly as much as their name does. Their debut EP ALOHA! was released as a 7" earlier this year on Evil Weevil Records, and is filled with joyful, life-affirming power pop with a lo-fi edge. Most of its songs don't even approach two minutes, nor do they need to. Short and sweet is the formula here, but not too sweet--as the name Diarrhea Planet may suggest, these guys don't mind getting a little dirty. With sloppy guitar work and rousing, shouted vocals, there is a sizable amount of rawness behind ALOHA! in addition to the catchy melodies. Highlights include the opening track, "Power Moves!", which is exuberant enough to be deserving of its exclamation point, and the relatively lengthy "Ghost With A Boner".

Stream ALOHA! above, and buy it over at their bandcamp page for $5 or more.

Titus Andronicus fans take note: This band was first hyped by Titus frontman Patrick Stickles on the official Titus Andronicus blog a few months ago. They also performed at one of the first Titus Andronicus LLC shows at Shea Stadium back in May. That show was recorded, and is now streaming at the Diarrhea Planet website. Patrick Stickles himself joined the band onstage for their performance of "Ghost With A Boner".