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TOAD- "Midnight Hunger"

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Hailing from Arizona, TOAD--which stands for Take Over and Destroy--is a six-piece metal band that sounds kinda like the genre's scrapyard. While scrapyards are full of junk, there's also hidden treasure in them for anybody who is willing to to dig through the rusty pipes and vintage car doors.

To put it simply, TOAD pulls together some of metal's best subgenres, and welds various pieces of them together into an unstoppable monster truck.

The band blends elements of thrash, sludge, and black metal into this distorted ball of anger. The recording is absolutely rough and covered in filth. It's a mud-soaked reaper's robe that hangs loosely on the music, giving it both an obscured and chilling aesthetic.

On the track "Midnight Hunger," there's a lot of talk about charred bones and fire. Normally, I'd roll my eyes, but the delivery these guys are pulling off it intense enough to make the imagery serious.

Hear the four remaining tracks on TOAD's new EP, Rotten Tide, on the band's Bandcamp. Buy it on a name-your-own-price basis, too!