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Touché Amoré- "Wants / Needs"

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If you watch my YouTube channel often, you know post-hardcore isn't exactly one of the genre's I cover. However, it's not for a lack of love of this style. The thing is my heart lies in the slightly distant past. Not with the La Disputes and Poison the Wells of the world, but the Fugazis and Drive Like Jehus.

But things change, which isn't always bad. The style still has its merits--even if I'm not in love with a majority of the bands. Still, here's a modern post-hardcore group that caught my ear thanks to a comment from one of my viewers: Touché Amoré.

They're a California outfit with plenty of force, melody, brevity, and passion. Looks like just about everything I'd look for in this style of music. Plus, their sound doesn't fall prey to the same generic modern production tricks a lot of these bands use to sound louder than they really are.

I'm digressing a bit. Well, the thing is I haven't enjoyed music like this in a while, so it's a small thrill to hear a band perform this stuff with more natural energy than breakdowns.

Touché Amoré's latest LP, Parting the Sea Between Brightness and Me, is out now via Deathwish. Stream the track "Wants / Needs" above, and listen to another right here.