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Two Tracks From Dødkvlt

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"Of Deep and Dark Waters"

"Children of a Failed God"

After a couple different posts about this guy, we're proud to bring you two new tracks from Finland's Dødkvlt. The guy has a new album out, which is titled II, and it's some of the most brutally straightforward black metal I've heard in a while.

I find the atmospheric direction the genre is taking--especially in America--pretty interesting, but want the stuff to rock like it did back in the day with bands like Mayhem and Gorgoroth.

That's exactly what Dødkvlt does on "Children of a Failed God" and "Of Deep and Dark Waters." Both tracks hit with some pretty thrashy and heavy riffs. The drumming is pretty intense on the later of the two songs, too--and keep in mind this project is just one guy.

But what I find even more appealing about these tracks, and Dødkvlt in general, is the guy's strong use of melody throughout his songs. Even at his loudest, he doesn't lose sight of a song's lead or chord progression. I mean, just listened to the tremelo'd guitars at 2:12 on "Of Deep and Dark Waters." Pretty sinister stuff.

Pick the album up here, and scope the cover art below: