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Woods- "Find Them Empty"

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Brooklyn's Woods has a new track out, "Find Them Empty." This track finds the folk rock band moving towards a style that I've always wished they would explore more directly: The stormy psychedelic rock sounds of the 1960s. With brazen electric guitars signaling a deviation from their freak folk past, the band wastes no time in delivering this slice of lo-fi 60s-style garage rock. In addition to those heavily reverbed guitars, singer Jeremy Earl's multi-tracked vocals really sell the retro sound. Although it lacks the odd keyboard sounds and experimental tape manipulation that defined earlier Woods releases, the jangly "Find Them Empty" is too good to pass up.

This track will be released as a 7" single on Sacred Bones on July 19th. Head over to their site to pre-order it. The release include another new song, "Be There", as the b-side.

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