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Bill Baird- "We'll Meet Again Someday, or We Won't"

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Just when I thought my summer would blow by without falling in love with a singer-songwriter record, Bill Baird gets ready to drop a new LP.

This guy is a Texan with numerous projects under his belt. The most widely acknowledged stuff he's put out has got to be the psychedelic pop he's put out under the name Sunset.

But as good as his sweet and colorful arrangements can get, there's always been something even more haunting about hearing this dude keep a simple focus on vocals and 'coustic guitar. Just lookie here.

Yeah, a Beck comparison could be easily made, but I think that shadow is starting to shrink on this new track, "We'll Meet Again Someday, or We Won't." The earnest finger-picking and warm vocals make for a pleasant listen, but I stick around for the guy's melody, wordplay, and imagery. With talk of "bleeding for yourself" and "dancing phantoms," everything is equally surreal and fun.

The hook is spectacular as well, but only because of what it doesn't do. Instead of escalating into a schmaltzy diatribe about meeting again one day, the lyrics consider the possibility of never meeting again at all. Well, at least the track is reasonable.

The album this track comes from is being self-released by Bill, and its 50 copies will feature hand-made packaging, too. The 12" will see a release in August, but will be available digitally as well via Bandcamp.