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Disma- "Spectral Domination"

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It's difficult for me to get into a lot of modern death metal albums, and it's mostly because of the plastic and ultra-clean sounds that comes out of modern metal production. As much as people may beg me to review the new Black Dahlia Murder LP, I really can't get past the sounds to enjoy whatever brutality or extremities the album has to offer. Sorry, guys.

On the other hand, what Disma has to offer feels much more natural and filthy. It's a lot like rolling in a pool of mud and corpses. An ugly situation, I know, but the shoe fits.

The guttural growls of the band's lead singer, Craig Pillard, powered the work of Incantation as well, and it's nice to hear old habits die hard.

Disma's other members are equally experienced in the art of death metal, too. All this trained personnel has actually lead to a laundry list of related acts on the band's Rate Your Music page, including Methadrone, Goreaphobia, Abazagorath, and even crossover thrash act Power of Expression.

"Spectral Domination" is the first track to drop from Disma's forthcoming debut, Towards the Megalith, and the song's ultimate goal is to horrify--not impress through technical feats. The deep, distorted guitars sound great no matter what they're doing. The sludgy guitar riffs are as damaging as the speedy tremolo picking. Of course, Pillard's voice is mixed to the point where it's almost swallowing every aspect of the music. He sounds a lot like the mouth of hell making a go of swallowing every musician in the band.

Stream or download "Spectral Domination" above, and feel free to even stream Toward the Megalith in its entirety at NPR Music if it's still available when you're reading hits.