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DOOM and Ghostface Killah- "Victory Laps" (Madvillainz Remix)

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Under the collaborative name "DoomStarks," (MF) DOOM and Ghostface Killah should be dropping a new album later this year. It's just one more reason that 2011 is proving to be a stellar year for hip hop. Seems I'm freaking out over rap albums left and right these days, I know.

Anyway, "Victory Laps" doesn't seem to be the album track we'll be hearing later this year. Rather, it's a remix, but the song is still undeniably gritty, straightforward, and made of the same kind of straight spitting that usually makes DOOM tracks so great. Of course, Ghostface is no lightweight in his 40s, and sounds as enthused as he was on Apollo Kids.

The original version of this track should be dropping later this month via iTunes, and look for the collab's album release on Nature Sounds later this year.