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Download Few Quiet People's New Sampler

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The Polish record label Few Quiet People claim on their site that their goal is "to drive the repetive drone sounds into the direction of pop." Broken English aside, this is a pretty interesting mission statement. As a way of promoting themselves and the artists that they represent, Few Quiet People released a promo sampler for 2011 to download for free on their site. While I wouldn't exactly call this pop music, the sensibility is definitely there. The ten tracks included on the sampler are surprisingly diverse ambient pieces, ranging from quiet and minimal soundscapes to more developed, denser compositions. For a compilation, the promo sampler is sequenced beautifully, with a definite cohesion among the pieces. All of the works are culled from artists of international backgrounds, specifically Poland, Australia, Japan, China, and Italy. This offers listeners a unique insight into the experimental music sounds and cultures of these very different places, somehow united through pristine ambient drone music. Download the sampler for free at the Few Quiet People website.