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Download Bomb The Music Industry!'s New Album

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Former Arrogant Sons of Bitches' frontman Jeff Rosenstock's long-running punk project Bomb The Music Industry! has a new album out today. Called Vacation, the album marks a summery direction for the band But lyrically, things haven't changed much since previous Bomb The Music Industry! releases--though there is less focus politics and punk authenticity. Instead, Vacation explores the concept of friendship, and the good and bad times that come with it. Musically, the band has developed significantly, often deviating from its electronic-inflected punk roots by adding poppy riffs, Beach Boys-style harmonies, and even some surf guitar on "Hurricane Waves." It's a welcome change that demonstrates the band's, and Rosenstock's, ability to operate in unique ways within a previously established formula.

Download the album the Quote Unquote label here. The site even boasts the label as being the first to be donation-based. If you're more into the physical side of things, head over to the Really Records bigcartel page and pick up an LP, CD, or shirt.