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Download Vacation's Do Shit Disc

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Download: Vacation- The Do Shit Disc Vacation is a lively new garage punk band from Cincinnati, Ohio. Their first CD release, entitled The Do Shit Disc, was also released on cassette as The Do Shit Tape. Now it's online for free.

Clocking in at just under fifteen minutes, the six-song album is full of rough and wild punk rock with energetic vocals and power pop guitar leads, not unlike the band Diarrhea Planet that I blogged about last week.

Everything in the mix on The Do Shit Disc sounds blown out and distorted, but the lo-fi sound hardly matters when there's this much energy contained in the recording. With their catchy hooks and gang-shouted vocals, these songs sound like they were tailor-made to be played at sweaty, joyful basement shows. I can only imagine how great this band is live. If you're feeling generous, there's a donation link on the download page for this album.