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Girls- "Vomit"

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Finally, we've got a track to munch on from this forthcoming Girls album, Father, Son, Holy Ghost.

As you may remember, I wasn't too fond of the California band's latest EP. I just prefer Album so much more.

Worried about the band losing its personality in a sea of new instrumentation, I was weary of listening to this initial album track, "Vomit."

The quiet and depressing introduction was hilariously ironic for me, because it was basically mirroring my fear that I wouldn't like the music. But as soon as the explosion of guitar, organ, and drums dropped, things just started to feel more and more right with the world. Yeah, the song is still titled "Vomit," but I was getting into it. The word "vomit" never felt so good.

Fuzzed out guitars, female backup vocals, and some heavy basslines really make this track a killer. Not a lover, not a fighter, but a cold-blooded and heart-wrenching killer.

Listen above and look for this album's release on September 13th. Cover art time: