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Hail!Hornet- "Beast of Burbon"

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Out via Relapse, here's a track from the new Hail!Hornet album, Disperse the Curse. This North Carolina sludge metal outfit features Birds of Prey's Erik Larson on guitar and Buzzov•en's "Dixie" Dave Collins on bass and vocals.

You also might have caught another Colins-fronted band through one of my reviews earlier this year, Weedeater. Sadly, I thought the album was kind of inconsistent.

But on "Beast of Burbon," much of what I love about Weedeater--grinding guitars, heavy riffs, and Collins' table saw vocals--is present in Hail!Hornet. Maybe I'll find this album to be a little more stable.

Here's the sweet, skull-laden cover art for Disperse: