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Mac Miller- "Best Day Ever"

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Pittsburgh-based teenage rap upstart Mac Miller has a new video out for his hit song "Best Day Ever," the title track from the mixtape he released back in March. Miller may be associated with the college hip hop scene, but to dismiss him as just another frat bro rapper would be a mistake. On the tape, he demonstrated a little more lyrical maturity than his peers, and with this video, Miller shows that he is also more style-conscious as well.

Miller and his bros face the camera directly in the "Best Day Ever" video, exuding the confidence implicit in the song's lyrics. In an attempt to provide some introspection and self-reflection, the verses are interspliced with old film footage of a child, presumably a young Mac Miller, strumming a guitar and at one point rapping along to "Rapper's Delight" by the Sugarhill Gang. It's certainly endearing, if not particularly meaningful. Personally, I can't say I enjoy this, but I appreciate it for what it is: A lone beacon of good songwriting and well-shot video footage in a sometimes stale and boring scene.