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Postdrome- "Lakes"

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Postdrome is UK noise and drone artist Charlie Floyd. It was pretty difficult finding much on him outside of this album, too. Charlie Floyd also shares his name with a semi-famous country singer; plus, "postdrome" is a clinical term used to describe the after effects of a migraine.

So I can only truly guess this guy's level of experience with this type of music. And whether it's creating, or just simply listening, my guess would be plenty.

The range of sounds Postdrome offers on its debut release, Never Without, is fantastic. Everything from crisp, atmospheric highs to the deepest low-frequency rumbles. Like some of my favorite artists, the music here really puts me somewhere. It's something I feel I can escape into, or even hide away in. It's easily worth the three-dollar price that's been set on Bandcamp.

On the album's track "Lakes," an eerie melody that sounds like a reversed piano repeats endlessly as a cycling buzz nervously ticks away in the background. It gets louder and louder, and eventually reaches a level of tension that comes close to unbearable. The deep, murky hums reach a rumbling point as more noise pours in.

Most of the noise breaks away for a moment of slight clarity, but the soundscape here only grows denser toward the end of the track. The after effects of a migraine, indeed.