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Stream the Debo Band's Live EP

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The Debo Band is Boston collective with an undying love for the vintage sounds of Ethiopian funk. The group's latest EP is a series of live cuts recording during a tour through East Africa with another band. The four recordings on this EP are only the tip of the iceberg, though. Apparently, this release is supposed to be the precursor to an entire live album, which I hope is released sooner than later.

The live recordings aren't amazing, but they paint a great picture of the band's live capabilities. All the instruments come through pretty clearly; even the accordion doesn't get lost in the tussle.

The groove the band hits on the EP's opening track is absolutely essential. And even though I prefer to listen to this style of music in an instrumental capacity, some of the vocals on here are too good to do without. Obviously, I'm facing a language barrier here, but that didn't stop me from feeling moved by the voice on "Lantchi Biye."

It's too short and sweet to not try, so stream the whole EP above, and buy it for four bones at Bandcamp.