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Stream the Horrors' New Album

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Though the Horrors' new album Skying doesn't officially come out until July 11th, the British indie rock band has followed the established trend of internet streaming and and made the LP available to hear in advance.

Skying is streaming in its entirety at the band's website, which has been revamped in anticipation of this release.

Sonically, Skying is a dense and layered record, channeling shoegaze and dream pop sounds with a healthy dose of the ever-popular 80s revivalism that continues to dominate indie rock in 2011.

Some listeners may be put off by that nostalgic direction, but the songs themselves are engaging and interesting. Smiths fans may (or may not) find a lot to like about singer Faris Badwan's voice, which echoes Morrissey even more than on previous Horrors releases. Meanwhile, fans of The Cure's Disintegration will find a lot to like about the album's production, which features layered synth and guitar sounds piled on top of each other to produce a heavy and thick aesthetic.

Stream the album above, or over at The Horrors' official website. "Skying" is out on XL Recordings on July 11th in the UK and August 9th in the US.