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They Might Be Giants- Join Us

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If the rock history books stay accurate, Brooklyn's They Might Be Giants will go down as being one of the most idiosyncratic bands of all-time--even if that idiosyncrasy seems to wane a little bit on Join Us. This record isn't completely devoid of fun or flavor. The Johns' usual buffet of strong melodies, catchy hooks, and esoteric lyrics is here. If anything on this album will keep longtime fans happy, it's that.

However, the sound here is really lacking the bold and kooky flavor I'm usually in line to be served. It sounds like something that would get plainly cited as a more mature direction. To me, it's just less. Less fun, less color, less spirit.

I wasn't offended by this album, and there's a good chunk of songs on here that are so good they make the sound of Join Us irrelevant. Still, not every track scratched that itch.