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Apathy- "Peace Connecticut" (Prod. Da Beatminerz)

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I've been living in Connecticut all my life, and I've always wondered about this state's lack of pride--especially among people my age. I'll admit that I'm not always in love with where I'm living. It would be nice to be somewhere less expensive, corrupt, and tedious, but Connecticut isn't bad at the end of the day.

Apathy lets his CT love show on the new video to come from his third LP, Honkey Kong. And the love has got to be true, because his picks up the state's quirks so well with his lyrics. He's clearly been raised here, but has left enough times to understand what really separates this place from others.

The lyrics paint Connecticut as a land of cold weather, "grinders," underrated music, and Good Ole Tom. Even Chris Webby gets a shoutout. I didn't know people hopped on the Metro-North with kilos, though. I'll have to trust Apathy on that one.

It would have been nice to hear a crack at Linda "OH YEAH" McMahon, but this song is great as is. Maybe I'm CT-biased, but come visit me in the Waterbury area and tell me that.