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Cerebral Ballzy- "Junky For Her"

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Brooklyn punks Cerebral Ballzy have a new video out for "Junky For Her," a song from the band's new self-titled album. Like the song itself, the "Junky For Her" video wastes no time with introductions. A group of girls is having a sleepover when the pizza guy arrives, presumably to deliver a pizza that they ordered. Within 30 seconds, he is being assaulted by at least five women, armed to the teeth with knives, baseball bats, razor-sharp nails, and pillows. Eventually they eat the pizza that he brought, while surrounding the guy's dead body. All the while, the rest of Cerebral Ballzy watch from a nearby window. The really creepy part is how happy their reactions are.

Cerebral Ballzy is out now on Adult Swim's label. Buy it at the band's official site.