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Das Racist- "Michael Jackson"

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When it comes to generating earworms, New York's Das Racist works with a special recipe. The mistake most artists make is in trying to be meaningful or melodic. Nah, all you really need is an equal mixture of repetition and outlandishness.

Throw "Michael Jackson, a million dollars, ya feel me, holler" out there enough times, and it's bound to get stuck in someone's head, right? That's basically the trajectory of the latest Das Racist track, "Michael Jackson." It's the first single from the rap outfit's upcoming album, Relax, which is looking at a September 13th release right now.

The beat and delivery on this track is a little harder than Das Racist usually goes. They usually sound pretty laid back, but make up for it with some pretty funny rhymes. This time, things are much simpler lyrically, but this thing excels with the same force of a Waka Flocka Flame track. It's like Southern rap gone ironic, because the struggle between aggression and absurdity makes figuring out how to take this almost impossible.