The Needle Drop

Giles Corey- Giles Corey

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Dan Barrett's latest project, a full-length album and book, is both a personal and fictional exploration of death, suicide, depression, and the afterlife. Because of that, this video takes a look at both the music and the book that comes with this package. If anything makes the tracks on this CD stand out, it's the atmosphere. Dan Barrett has a somewhat messy production style, but like any Mount Eerie album, it lends this project an interesting sound you're not gonna hear anywhere else.

With one track after another being slathered in reverb, there are moments on here that remind me of Grizzly Bear's 2007 album Yellow House. However, there's a disturbing aura surrounding this album, which the book empowers.

Though there are some standout songs on this release, I like to take it as more of an experience--not just an assembly of tracks. Because to me, this album stirs up the same emotions any great piece of horror or science fiction would. Those emotions are filtered through a singer-songwriter lens, and it somehow works.