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James Blake & Bon Iver- "Fall Creek Boys Choir"

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Well, I just got finished with my first couple listens through this new collaborative track from James Blake and Bon Iver, "Fall Creek Boys Choir." The YouTube channel it's uploaded to even implies there's a release--an album or EP, I don't know--coming this October. Enough Thunder seems to be the working title.

Rather than taking a different direction altogether, "Fall Creek Boys Choir" feels like a Frankenstein monster of different sounds favored by Vernon and Blake. The grainy piano chords and drum fills sound like something Vernon would have thrown into the mix, but the digital barks and sparse beat seem like they'd be coming from Blake's side of the isle.

Of course, auto-tune is a middle ground for these guys. After all, it's featured on the latest albums from both artists, and this collaboration works as an excuse to indulge in it more than ever. Personally, I think I've heard so much auto-tune over the past year, I'm no longer offended by the effect.

Despite the predictable amalgamation of ideas, the extreme overuse of auto-tune, and the sea of shit-talking there's been in regards to me not being balls-deep in Bon Iver's new album, I thought this song was very emotional and pretty. It subtly swells and grows in the same way my favorite tracks from Blake's debut album did. I would have loved to hear his voice a bit more on this track, but Justin's a great singer in his own right. Looking forward to the album.