The Needle Drop

Little Dragon- "Little Man" (Live)


The California-based music blog Yours Truly has a video series where they capture bands performing in an intimate live setting. In a recent installment, the Swedish electro-pop act Little Dragon stopped by to perform "Little Man," one of the standout tracks on their great new album Ritual Union.

The beautifully shot video begins with a brief description from singer Yukimi Nagano of the meaning of the song's lyrics, and a description from the Moog player about his unintentional dancing when performing. It's awkwardly endearing, but once the video cuts to the band playing, that awkwardness fades away. This is a band that is very comfortable in the live setting. Their performance is a tight and note-perfect rendition of the album version, and the visuals leave a lasting impression. Also, there are plenty of shots of Yukimi to stare at, if that's your thing.