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Princeton- "Clamouring For Your Heart"

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Princeton is a band that is fronted by two identical twins Jesse and Matt Kivel. How neat is that? It's not particularly relevant to their music, but it sure makes for a great press release statement.

Anyway, the band is set to release a digital single on August 30th, which features two new tracks full of gooey, disco-tinged synth pop. The a-side "Clamoring For Your Heart"--let's be honest, there aren't any actual sides to this digital single--has a bubbly synth loop and some catchy vocals that are all held together by a really strong, equally catchy drumbeat. It's nothing amazing, but it's good single material.

The b-side "This Weather, A Swimmer" has a little more going for it, in the form of some interesting strings and even some acoustic guitar strums during an instrumental break. The percussion is similarly great. Check that song out here.

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