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Rational Animals- "Crumbling Buildings"

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New York's Rational Animals are a difficult breed to describe. Metal, hardcore punk, post-hardcore, and insanely aggressive garage rock all flow within the veins of these four dudes. It makes me wanna spit out one of those hybrid comparisons: It's kinda like a cross between Drive Like Jehu and the recently TND-reviewed Poor Lily. If you're a fan of either, loving these guys won't be a stretch.

On "Crumbling Buildings" some punishing bass and drums back up a really harsh and tinny guitar. It sounds like being crushed in the debris of a falling brick wall. The singer confirms this by sounding like he's being whisked away in a sonic whirlwind of distorted instruments. He almost sounds like he's yelling for help!

Rational Animals' latest LP is Bock Rock Parade, and the silly pick of the dudes standing behind a goat is the actual cover. Pick the 12" up here.