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Red Hot Chili Peppers- I'm With You

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One of the longest-running acts in alternative rock has a new album out, Considering I grew up with a lotta this band's stuff on the radio, I thought I'd be a little more excited to hear the Chili Peppers have a new album out, Sadly, I wasn't, but I'm glad you guys pointed my ears in the direction of this LP via many, many requests. Though I wasn't in love with the whole thing, I got a nice blast of nostalgia from this LP, which reminded me of what I love most about this band: Great vocals and strong grooves. Though this album sees the band dealing with a pretty notable lineup change, they make the best of it by venturing into less familiar territory.

I'm happy that old dogs are learning new tracks on this album, but not every tick has been perfected. While an acoustic guitar intro on the third track works really well, I'm at a loss with other spots on this LP that feature bossa nova sounds, a drum machine, and some narrated vocals.

This band isn't gonna take the changes they face lying down. I like that. Though I'm not in love with every track here, I like that.