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Cymbals Eat Guitars- "Definite Darkness"

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Lenses Alien, the new album from New Jersey's Cymbals Eat Guitars, arrives on August 30th on Barsuk Records. Soon after, the band will kick off a lengthy tour across the United States. We've already heard one track from the album, a staggeringly ambitious opening track called "Rifle Eyesight (Proper Name)" and now here's another.

"Definite Darkness" is not quite as big in terms of scope as that song, but it definitely has a similar sound. There are some grungey, Sonic Youth style guitars, a little shoegazer noise, and even some tuneful vocal harmonies in the mix. Singer Joseph D'Agostino's nasally vocals are featured front-and-center, conveying lyrics that may actually be even less comprehensible and abstract than those on Cymbals Eat Guitars' previous LP Why There Are Mountains. This track isn't blowing me away right now, but I could see it fitting in nicely in the context of the album.

Pre-order Lenses Alien at Cymbals Eat Guitars' website.