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The ILLZ- ILLYTAL (Portishead Remix)

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The ILLZ is Dominican-born rapper Delgis Jose Mustafa Rodriguez. The guy's output since his '09 debut, the Pursuit LP, hasn't been plentiful, but it has been ambitious.

Two of his most recent projects to drop is a compilation of his best material thus far, and a video mixtape. Yeah, a complete mixtape of new songs set to music videos--they're best viewed on his YouTube channel.

This Portishead-sampling version of "ILLYTAL" is one of my favorite videos to drop from the project. Not only is the guy dropping tons of great lines--"my fanbase is one base you can't steal"--but the beat is massive. The bass is so heavy, and there's a constant buzzing in the background that makes this a tense listen.

And let's not forget to mention, uh, how freaky this dude's face gets in midst of this video. Don't blink. You might miss something.