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The Throne- Watch the Throne (Kanye West & Jay-Z)

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On Watch the Throne, Kanye and Jay-Z team up for a celebration I'm sure their fans are going to love. The heavyweight MCs celebrate their relevancy, fame, and popularity with one track after another--occasionally stopping to make an introspective or societal observation. While the idea of the album is great, not every song is as fantastic as the next. No matter which songs seem appealing on this album, there are about to be some that pale in comparison since this album is a little scatterbrained when it comes to beats and lyrics. Kanye and Jay-Z take this thing in numerous directions, relying on their celebrity status to carry the album forward.

Kanye and Jay-Z relying on their star power isn't necessarily a bad thing, though. I've loved a lot of music these guys have put out in the past, but my love stops there. I'm not in love with these guys as celebs or personalities, and I think--on some level--maybe a listener has to be in order to get complete enjoyment out of this album.