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Tracks From Brand New Wayo

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The trailer above is no joke. What you're seeing is real. It's a 15-track compilation of Nigerian funk, disco, and boogie music recorded in the late 70s and early 80s.

Some of these tracks sound like they could have been huge hits in the U.S. if they had distribution. But on others, the fact that they music is being made in another country is extremely obvious, which results in the kind of oddball dance music that probably would have gotten released on Rough Trade records when post-punk outfits like Shriekback were a hot ticket.

It's an unbelievably fun collection. Scope some tracks from it below. Look for this thing via Comb and Razor.

Mixed Grill- "A Brand New Wayo"

Amas- "Slow Down"

Joe Moks- "Boys and Girls"

Oby Onyioha- "I Want To Feel Your Love"