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Twin Sister- "Gene Ciampi"

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Last year, just like many on the blogosphere, I was pretty impressed with the tracks Twin Sister was putting out on the net via the EP Color Your Life.

When the band's buzz became too big to ignore, Domino Recs signed 'em, and now we've got a full-length on the way titled In Heaven. A track dropped from it two months ago, but it's this song, "Gene Campi," that's got me looking forward to the eventual release.

On this track, Twin Sister displays the kind of oddball quirks that I look for in my pop music. The twanged guitar leads and whimsical melodica melodies are a nice addition to the band's already solid foundation of vocals, drums, and bass. It's cute, but not too cute. It's simple, but not too simple. It's strange, but not too strange. Look for this LP's relase on Sept. 27th.