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Word and Number- "Z"

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Word and Number is a Chicago duo that's been at it for four years, and its latest album is Hioea. That release and everything prior to it is up for streaming and downloading on this website.

"Z" is one of ten songs to come off Hioea, and I use the word "song" loosely, because these tracks feel way more like experiments than the usual verse, chorus, verse. Listening to this, I can't help but imagine two scientists in a laboratory, pouring various liquids into one beaker after another. They're writing down notes and wearing safety goggles, too. Maybe this song could even pair nicely with an impossible-to-beat puzzle game on the NES.

"Z" starts off shy, but Word and Number starts to tinker and builds it into an assembly line of synths, bass, drums, and electronic miscellanea.