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Download the New Uptights Album

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There's nothing that kills an idea faster than a mindlessly copied trend. I think the idea of "lo-fi bands" qualify.

Still, despite the grimy, rough recordings being spoiled for me a bit, I find this latest album from the Uptights kind of alluring. It doesn't just sound like a band with a crummy recording. Rather, it sounds like these guys have an appreciation for noise, soundscapes, and drones--as well as rock and pop, of course.

A lot of the songs are short of breath, but they last long enough to remind me of albums in a similar vain. Women's self-titled debut is definitely one that comes to mind.

Download the entire album in full via the band's Bandcamp. This album, titled At the Wörthersee Hotel, will also be getting a cassette release via keepsecretrecords in the beginning of October.